Brief Encounter – By Dove

(c) 2014

I dive into the water feeling its warmth along my naked body. I come up 100 yards away from shore.  I turn back to look at Rik lingering by the waters edge ankle deep in it. I shout smiling, “It’s warm you don’t need your shorts!” He steps out of the water. He takes off his shorts exposing his white briefs. Very brief! I think. I can see his bulging crotch even from this distance. He stands there. I yell shivering with anticipation, “Just slip them off!” The sun is setting behind me, casting an orange glow on Rik. He resembles the mythical sea god, Poseidon. I hold my breath as he puts his hands in the band of his briefs. Longing to see it all. His long dreads hang over his shoulders, years of growth. His lean tall body bronzed by summer and his African roots. He looks up at me. Teasing me. I wait. Then I dive back under the water and head further from shore. I surface. I look to where he was standing moments ago. My god is gone. I can vaguely make out his white briefs on the brown sand. I look around for air bubbles or rippling of the water. None. I stop. I tread water. I turn to see if he is coming up from behind. There’s only the sun dipping into the water. Leaving only a trace of color and light. I look up toward the sky taking in the whole vista of stars slowly appearing.  I can begin to make out constellations, The Big Dipper! Orion! Penis!* Rik is not behind me. He is still nowhere to be seen. I begin to swim back to shore. Worrying. Maybe he didn’t know how to swim. Maybe it was too soon after we ate. Maybe my mother was right! I swim faster thinking he’s dead. I killed him; I led him to his death. I was the last one to see him in his briefs standing like a god in front of me. I get to the shore I find his briefs I hold them up to my face taking in his musky scent. Suddenly his hands are on my shoulders. I startle as I turn around. His face is so close to mine I feel his breath warming my skin.

“Ithoughtyoudrowned. Ididntseeyouafter Iwentbackunder. Iwasscared.” I blurted.

He laughs. “I had to take a shit. He takes my hand pulling me into the water.






Dove Rosenberg