Crosshairs – by Jay Alden

(c) Jay Alden

My targets are nearing.  If I don’t fire soon I might never get another chance, and that would be bad.  I know that there are rules against it, rules made by men who think they know better, but they would make each other happier than anyone else could.  That’s the rule I follow– happiness.  True, they will have a harder time of it than other couples, but their love will get them through.

I can see David now.  He’s the shyer of the two.  He’s had his hear broken plenty of times and is just about ready to give up on love.

The opposite is true of Jonathan, the handsome one.  He’s broken many hearts.  But it’s not because he’s cruel.  He’s just restless.  David will anchor him.  I’m sure of it.

I can see Jonathan turning the corner now.  They’re fast approaching each other.  I have to be quick.  My nimble fingers pull an arrow from my quiver.  I pull back the bowstring with bated breath.


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