JULIA By Connor de Bruler

(c) Connor de Bruler

Julia used to walk the standard four-block stretch the rest of the girls used, starting at the Arby’s and ending at the abandoned industrial park. The rate of venereal infections and reported deaths increased the closer they got to the industrial park. This town was starting to eat itself alive, but at least the working girls were relegated to that infamous four-block-long sidewalk of decaying concrete and rusted fences.

I didn’t always have enough money to pay for anything, but I still passed the time by walking up and down the street finding someone to talk to. The normal girls, the ones without penises, had no time or interest to talk to a lollygagger with little money, but the others, like Julia, were always willing.

I first saw Julia smoking a cigarette at the gates of the industrial park, the end of the line. She asked me if I liked to suck dick. Truth be told, a strangely high number of guys liked to suck dick as long as it was attached to a feminine frame. I’d seen guys pay just to try it. I told her I wasn’t a fan of it in particular and she asked me if I liked it the other way around.  I handed her a twenty and asked her to sit next to me and talk for a while.

She was a nice person. Her parents had kicked her out of the house for cross-dressing and she started injecting street hormones to feminize her body and grow a pair of tits. She said she had a couple of drug charges and, since she didn’t go back to school, she had to do this crap.  Of course, none of it was true.

I kept going back to see Julia since she took what little money I had and was willing to get dinner and see a movie with me now and then.  Sure there were a few times when she’d give me a hand job in the theater or blow me in the parking lot, but I think she did that because she felt guilty.

I know Julia liked me. I knew she wasn’t just playing a character. Undercover or not, she felt something for me. I think Julia chose to go undercover because it was the only thing that allowed her to be who she really was. I know she began to love me, even when she eventually had to arrest me.


Connor de Bruler has been previously published in Bending Spoons Literary Journal, Dabblestone Horror, The Rambler, Lit Up Magazine, Glossolalia Magazine, Southern Gothic Shorts, and The New Flesh. He lives in South Carolina. Contact.