Mortal Kombat looks so bad/good

Hollywood Hates Me

Y’all! I want to see the Mortal Kombat movie so bad!

It’s got this scene where Subzero is all like, stab-stab-stab, freeze-freeze-freeze, and then he stabs this guy and when the blood shoots out of the wound, he freezes that and stabs the guy with his own blood.

In high school, I was named “Most Likely to Freeze a Dude’s Blood and Murder Him with It.”

Then it’s got Hiroyuki Sanada!

“Hello, I’m Hiroyuki Sanada and I’m here to make your movie better through the sheer power of my existence.”

And a foreboding temple or castle or something!

Eh I couldn’t find a castle image right away, so I gave up, but here’s these cute little Funko Pops!

And some dialogue about destiny or something, who really cares.

It’s MY destiny to watch a movie with this many attractive men.

And, at some point, someone definitely says “FINISH HIM.”

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