Rowan McBride

Rowan McBride is a bestselling writer and a Pocky addict. The two may or may not be connected.


This story originally appeared in the Gay Flash Fiction e-zine in June 2008

Faded Letter

by Rowan McBride

© Rowan McBride 2008

Years ago, I crafted the most beautiful words.  I used a fountain pen and fancy linen paper, and for once my heart’s blood mixed splendidly with the ink.  I wrote of a boy and his dazzling smile.  I wrote to the depths of his soul, and mine.

I wrote of my love for him.

The sheet of paper was carefully folded and slipped into an envelope.  I gave it to the boy, and after reading it he tossed it into the trash.  People snickered as he walked away, and I realized that those beautiful words I had crafted had failed to win me his dazzling smile.  My heart’s blood meant nothing.  I wondered if it ever would.

High school.

It’s a bitch.


This story originally appeared in the Gay Flash Fiction e-zine in July 2007


by Rowan McBride

(c) Rowan McBride

His mouth brushed against mine, and I parted my lips. His tongue slipped inside and began the dance I loved so much. I groaned into him, matched his rhythm and pressed myself close.

He broke the kiss, caressing my cheek with his knuckles.

I frowned. “Why…?”

He reached out, opened the door and went outside.

“Wait!” I ran after him, stopping just inside the doorway.

Smiling, he stepped farther from me. “Come out.”

“It’s raining.”

He closed his eyes and tilted his head back. “It feels fantastic. You have no idea.”

I leaned against the doorframe, rubbed the ache in my arm. “I know better. It’s cold out there.”

“I can keep you warm. You can do the same for me.”

“Can you keep me safe?”

He met my gaze. “As safe as I can. And I’ll always keep you warm.”

Warm. Out there, in the freezing rain. Out there, where anyone could just…. My hand clenched around my arm.

His gentle voice snapped me free of the darkness. “Come out.”

Always there, even when he wasn’t physically by my side. Even when…

He spread his arms. I could already feel them around my body – strong and gentle, hard and… warm. As safe as he could keep me.

I wanted his embrace. Wanted it more than anything. And there was only one way to get it. I straightened away from the doorframe, took a deep breath. I squared my shoulders, staring at him until he became the only person in the world.

And came out.

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