Living Together – By Evelyn Deshane


 (c) Evelyn Deshane, 2015.

the back breaking labour

of climbing up and down stairs

of sweating profusely during the dog days of summer

the one bedroom apartment, swelling up and over

a moving truck van. rent it now for $19.95 –

(plus services and fees).

nothing from no one is ever really free.

except for shared laughs about the things that I’ve kept

the moments remembered, smoking on steps

we go out to dinner and then grab a pint

but can’t fuck at night because we’re tired and sore.

we’re living together now. I worry it’s all boring,

so trivial and mundane. I don’t believe in soul mates

& we’ve never kissed in the rain, like a 90 minute romance movie.

what’s a happily ever after ending, when i’m still alive to see

the dark after the credits roll, and we’re stewing in our seats

wondering if our non-belief is enough to create something good?
even if we’ve both read what plato says about love
being nothing but a joke, i still hope that in this one bedroom

apartment (with way more stairs than before), we’ll share

the fights and the problems, the times we can’t keep it up

the flues and epidemics, the coughs and night sweats.

here’s something different, something else that I’ve learned

through duct tape and yearning on bathroom floors

hung over from longing, bore for bore:

I want the ordinary, like the keys in a lock

the name on a lease, a stray blue sock.

I’m doing laundry at midnight because the sweat has soaked us through

and this time, maybe,

a one bedroom apartment

can be made for two.



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Evelyn Deshane is a queer poet living in Canada. Their chapbook, Mythology, was released in 2015 by The Steel Chisel.


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