Fortnight on a Flower Bed – by Andres Fragoso, Jr.

(c) 2015, Andres Fragoso, Jr.

I ran through the garden searching for my man, me Jose. Who was taken from me without someone asking me first if I would agree to his absence? I had just found him among the cacti, weeds, and the brown grass of the dessert. And I ran fast towards him. A voice yelled “Stop!” I froze on my steps and fell to the grass.

Hyacinth raised her leaves as I got up to shake myself, “Young man, watch your step in the flower bed,” she said in her royal demeanor. “What’s the rush? Why are you so haste?” Her round face grinned at me as if knowing my destiny, my destination, my loss, my hunger, me Jose.

Daisy flowered her white petals to a smile, placed her leaves behind her stalk and bent her stem, she giggled, “Where are you going lover boy?” She also seemed to know my love for me Jose, my reason for running, my lust for being with my man.

I kneeled by her to say. “After my me Jose, he’s waiting for me.” I tickled her gently. She laughed and her petals blushed.

Dandelion roared as he grew big and strong beside her, “Keep your hands off me Daisy!“ He firmly said. “Don’t you have your own?”

I sat back, placed my hands to my face, and cried, “I did. I do. I don’t know anymore. He’s gone from my side. He was taken from me too quickly if you ask me. I had just met the man of my dreams a bit more than a fortnight ago.” I composed myself and took a deep, calming breath.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned. “Young man, you should kiss a flower once, twice, thrice to bring you eternal love when you give your heart away,” Rose said in her splendor beauty.

I kneeled before her to give her kisses. “Three? What happened to a dozen on a vase or a single one with a chocolate diamond?“ I asked.

“Silly, silly boy, I said kiss a Rose. A dozen of me, you deserve for sure, but from the man you deserve. A single rose and a chocolate diamond you give when you propose.” She stretched to me and kissed my lips. “A castle garden of roses you would have from each the heart of those you have broken.”

Violet shouted aloud, “Be patient and you will see that the man you love in your arms will soon be.” Her scent impregnated my senses. “You will see that the months will fly by quickly. Our lived will wither away. Your love is eternal and never dies.”

I lay by the flowers on their bed. I sob, I cry, I hug myself thinking of me Jose. The sun shines in my eyes. Clouds float white and then dark. Thunder threatens like my fears for his warmth. I turn to the flowers with my tears raining on their petals, “It’s been almost a fortnight and I miss him so.”

“What do you miss the most?” Daisy asked as she’s held by Dandelion.

“I miss the lullaby of his voice, as he takes me in his arms. I miss the aroma of his soul when I inhale his scent in deeply. I long for the warmth of his hot body next to me in bed. It’s the sincerity of his words when he calls me baby that I believe in him. With the comfort of our nude bodies when getting ready for the day I no longer feel afraid of me. His texts of ‘I love you,’ through the day make me happy.”

Lilly bloomed from my tears on the soil. “Don’t despair like I did and lost Adam to Eve. Be brave and strong and you will see. The past is past so cherishing the memories will keep you free. The present is hard, but you will see. That your future truly is with only one and that is he,” she said to me.

I gather all of them in my arms and rest my head on them. “Oh, Daisy, I lay me down to dream how our wedding will be, when I find me Jose and he’s with again with me.” I close my eyes to sleep.

A kiss I feel on my cheek. “Wake up sleepy head.” Another kiss is stolen from my lips. I open my eyes and there he is. Me Jose has come back to me and brought me a red rose with a chocolate diamond on the stem.

“Marry me today. For that tomorrow I may leave again.”

“Yes. Yes. I will follow you to your end of the world.”

Another kiss from his delicious lips I keep. “This is our home, this is our flower bed, and this is our place. I will come back in a fortnight to forever stay.”

** ** **

Andres Fragoso, Jr.

** ** **

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Manager of Gay Flash Fiction

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