Tim’ty – a poem by P.A. deMatteo

(c) 2014, P.A. deMatteo


Irish-catholic and friendless,

Outto’ Topeka, Kansas,

Or sum

Godforsaken place,

‘twas livin’ amidst

The decadence of the

Cold & wicked city of

New York city in

‘hattan borough.

Plus, darlinG tim’ty  din’t have the

Patience nor the self-assuredness ta make friendz

With quality folk of a

High caliber

Who weren’t

Completely marginal

& out of their mindz!

This wuz why he hunG out in the

Men’z room of the

Port Aut’ority Bus Terminal

Pretendin’ to use

The cussed

Urinalz after he

Done drank hisself

Half blind

With newyorican harlotssss


The end!





* * * *

P.A. deMatteo

  • During the late 1980’s, my poetry was published and featured in Manhattanite Harold Serban’s THE POETRY EDGE. I was also a regular reader at the Newyorican Poet’s Café but the late night hours and the ordeals of returning to the Bronx got the best of me.  A short story of mine entitled TONY diPASQUALE published in NUVEIN MAGAZINE. Currently, I have several poems accepted for GAY FLASH FICTION and INCLEMENT MAGAZINE.


Author: gayflashfic

Manager of Gay Flash Fiction

One thought on “Tim’ty – a poem by P.A. deMatteo”

  1. That is a great poem. So powerful. Love the language you use. I love what you are saying too, about the isolation and social oppression of these people you write about. Keep it up.


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