3 Poems by P.A. deMatteo


The Fallen Preppy


The teenaged queen

Wuz a fallen preppy of a trust fund


He done used to break night

At Colombian gay bars on and near

Jackson heights’ Roosevelt avenue, queens, nyc’s

Queer barz.

When the sun rose,

He’d think of puritanism & abstinence



Then, his handz would shake ‘till

He got in that suburban bed of hiz

& slept it the hell off, for the love of

Christ Almighty!!!



Jimmy McAllister


Jimmy mc allister

Not only


Hiz very, very


Sexaholics Anonymous


But, immediately


Attended hiz very, very


Exodus International


To try to turn

Hisself into a

Nice, moral straight



Immediately upon

Exiting that


He and some cultist

Member of the group

Almost got run over

By a

Frenetic Pakistani

Cab driver,



Spiritual 8th Avenue,

For the love of

Christ Almighty.


The End!!!



181st Street Bus Station


The mid-twenties

Fallen preppie from

The prominent ‘burbs

Of new jersey

Would go into that

Cussed restroom and

Pretend he was

Pissing up a storm

At those occupied


Due to these illicit escapades, our lad met a Dominican with horned-rimmed

Bookish glasses & an ethnic preppy look

By the name

Of Bernardo.

Onto the house in the leafy, costly

‘burbs of bucolic ridgewood, new jersey they went,

Swimmin’ all too secretly

 in its heated pool,

just filled with the lust, guilt, & confusion galore

that only a drug-induced

state can oh so temporarily relieve.


Then, the


Utter petrification began

On the both of their accounts,

& life wasn’t even worth livin’.

I mean a glorious glorious sunrise

Wuzn’t even appealin’ no mo’,

‘till the very, very instant that they done fled from each other

& continued whorin’ the hell

Around, in order to forget the

Utterly cussed duality

If not the degregation,

Ov the situation in the

1st place!




P.A. deMatteo

  • During the late 1980’s, my poetry was published and featured in Manhattanite Harold Serban’s THE POETRY EDGE. I was also a regular reader at the Newyorican Poet’s Café but the late night hours and the ordeals of returning to the Bronx got the best of me.  A short story of mine entitled TONY diPASQUALE published in NUVEIN MAGAZINE. Currently, I have several poems accepted for GAY FLASH FICTION and INCLEMENT MAGAZINE.




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