forever together – by margarete schulz


my other half, mother’s milk to my hell fire, you make me laugh

take the corner, crazy laughter and you keeping company, riding under goldfish bursts, street lights like naked flames

your heart up for sale; let me buy it, take good care of it, promise

I do something stupid; you’re still there for me

bring you hot chocolate, and I think it’s cute, too; you smile, don’t pull a face, and that’s how I know

I love you, love you, love you more

lose my mind and you’re on level ground

bring me back down to Earth tonight, hold me tight; we’ll ride through the night and find a new day

sunrise bright, your eyes lock with mine and I know we can do anything because you love me, because we’re together

and we will be, for forever



Margarete Schulz grew up in country Victoria, Australia. She currently resides in Ballarat, Victoria.

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Author: gayflashfic

Manager of Gay Flash Fiction

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