Poems by P.A. deMatteo


Wilfredo Garcia


Wilfredo Garcia wuz a mixtec lad of homosexual persuasion and of undocumented status as well, from the state of guerrero, mexico.

Wilfredo wuz of an illiter’te persuasion, as well.

He done worket 7 dayz per week for some Korean, thereby degradin’ into a lifestyle of borderline degeneracy via drinkin’, whoring up a lit’ral storm,  and engagin’ in petty thiev’ry whilst purchasin’ clothin’ at upscale manhattan stores with a man whom he luved so utt’rly, indeed.

This man was an Ecuadorian immigrant named geo, of legal status, anudder south bronxite, who actually swiped clothin’ from the forementioned upscale storez on a weekly basis, specifically via the placin’ of the store’s pants worn o’er his own pants + thereafter walkin’ out of the cussed, God4saken establishments, indeed!


The Transgendered Woman

The transgendered woman wore a
Gray wig and wuz bone-thin + tall tall.
She gave not a damn about work ov any
Sort. She sold her voice on a porn-line and lived in east harlem, dancing her profits away at clubz.
Debauchery turn her on.
Plus, she was just startin’ to age a tad.
Her cheeks were fallin’ below her ever so
Voluptuous lips. Botox wasn’t an option,
Either, because the debauchery of the nightclubs was far more important.
Some Jamaican immigrant nurse from Kingston, employed at Bellevue,
Tried puttin’ the fear of the Good Lord and some sort of work ethic into her, but other than that, nobody but nobody gave an alligator’s tail or a rat’s ass!



Author Bio
During the late 1980’s, my poetry was published and featured in Manhattanite Harold Serban’s THE POETRY EDGE. I was also a regular reader at the Newyorican Poet’s Café but the late night hours and the ordeals of returning to the Bronx got the best of me.  A short story of mine entitled TONY diPASQUALE published in NUVEIN MAGAZINE. Currently, six of my poems have been accepted for publication in the next edition of GAY FLASH FICTION, and one will be included in INCLEMENT MAGAZINE, as well.


Author: gayflashfic

Manager of Gay Flash Fiction

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