Transaction – by Jay Alden

(c) Jay Alden.

My eyes stroke the two beautiful mounds that are Chaz’s biceps.  I don’t know that his name is Chaz, but I see him practically every day so he might as well have a name.

“A pack of Silverton Menthol,” he grunts.

I notice that his T-shirt is struggling to cage his pecs.  A battle I pray it loses.

“Anything else?” I ask as I ring up his cigarettes.


“Seven twenty-nine.”

He swipes his credit card.  As we wait for the transaction to go through I catch a glimpse of him absent-mindedly grabbing his crotch to readjust himself.  If it had been anybody else this would’ve disgusted me.  But this wasn’t anybody else.

“Until tomorrow,” I smile, handing him his receipt.

He nods as he takes his cigarettes and leaves.  Until tomorrow.



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Author: gayflashfic

Manager of Gay Flash Fiction

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