Awake – by Marissa Cohen

You existed. I knew it.

I woke up and felt your kiss on my lips and there were birds outside the window. My arms were sluggish.

I could barely lift my hands to wipe the centuries of sleep from my eyes …


AWAKE has been removed at the request of the author, to be published in another magazine.
Please contact the author for more details.


Marissa Cohen writes about grammar, writing, spirituality, and women’s issues in her fiction, poetry and nonfiction and is the editor-in-chief of artifacts, the newsletter for Stonewall National Museum & Archives. In 2003, she received the  of American Pen Women. She has worked and written for many print and web Letters Honorarium from the Fort Lauderdale branch of the National League  publications such as, She Magazine, Bella Books, The  Survivor’s Review (2009), and The Contributor (2011). She can be reached at

Author: alexhogan


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